Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Four Year Old and Christmas Lights.

I still remember when Kate was a toddler and every house or tree was something of wonder.  Similar now her younger sister walks up the everything and says "Tee, Tee, pret TEE", which is translated to "Tree, Tree, pretty Tree."  We would pack Kate up in the car and drive around to see the lights, and she would awe and ohh over every single house.

This year it was unseasonably warm on Thanksgiving and we were home.  The day before was the same, and I had hauled out all the Christmas lights and checked their functioning in the garage while Kate was at preschool.  Of course in typical style half the lights weren't working and I rushed out to buy more lights on  the day before Thanksgiving.  I felt the urgency of coming rain, and not having another adult around to help me.  I was going to be the weather, and it was going to be marvelous.

Up go our lights, with the typical hassle and small amount of adult tension.  But, there they are up and pretty.  I have the timer set up so they would be on when everybody leaves from Thanksgiving dinner.  A beautiful moment, of preparation and holiday wonder.

Enter the four year old.  While, we were setting up the lights she asked if all our lights were white.  Well, yes they are all white.  I could see on her face this wasn't' exactly up to her standards.  She even clarified that all the lights were white, yes all the lights are white.  So, then once it was night and everything was all a glow we headed outside to take a look.

Time for the glowing remarks, the joy of the holidays, maybe even a you are a great mom type statement.

"See Mom, other people have colored lights.  You don't have to have just white lights."  Pointing to our neighbors lights and exiting stage left.


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