Friday, May 3, 2013

Wonder Weeks.

If you haven't heard about 'Wonder Weeks', I am here to tell you they exists and can make your life fairly miserable.  With K I didn't really know about these and though we had periods of time of rocky transitions, I either just thought it was normal or it wasn't that bad.  Little T is a whole other story.

There are periods of time that I just really don't know what to do with this kid.  The clingy, whiny, falling apart if I leave the room dictator.  Not to mention just not sleeping well for over a week.  I will  start to questions everything, is it the food, her teeth, separation anxiety?  And I am sure it at lot of those things, but then I will look up on the wonder weeks graphs.  (  This a chart that list a babies 10 fussy periods, the linked graph is a shorter version it goes past year in other graphs.  But, anyway these wonder weeks are periods of time that your infant may be going through a large amount of development and thus be extra fussy.

Little T most have a copy of this graph in her crib that she consults regularly.  She follows it to the day practically.  I will always be questioning other things, look up the graph and there she will be right in the middle of a stormy week.  And then to the day, she will slowly turn into her normal happy baby self again.  I love it too because it gives me hope when we are in the thick of it, just a few more days left and it should get better.

Of course until the  next wonder week...

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