Friday, February 15, 2013

The Things my little Sister Ate.

I have one child who won't eat anything.  Day in and day out, I struggle to get her to eat what I think is a normal amount.  Once she finds something she likes she will eat it for days and then one day stop.  And back we go.  Never ate a single jar of baby food.

With my second child, I should have been careful for what I wished for.  This one eats everything. K and I joke about it even.  We are going to write a book called, "What my baby sister ate."  We find her eating a toy and K will shout gleefully, "Another thing to add to our book Momma, she just ate my horse."

Teething of course makes it worse, but man oh man does this girl like to put things in her mouth.  Toilet paper.  Magazines.  Books.  Toys.  Shoes.  Socks.  Clothes. Her sisters clothes.  And this is all before preschool.

She eats food well, and amazingly compared to her sister but she is still genetically mine so she is fairly petite.  The chapters to our book though, they just keep going.

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  1. Yeah. Same with Aidan. Seriously. Makes me crazy the things he puts in his mouth, still!