Thursday, January 31, 2013

Good Bye January, oh and I hate this month!

 I dare you to tell me something wonderful about January.  Except that it is over.  I know, I know that if we get philosophical one could talk about how there needs to be a season of rest, recovery or a winter so that there can be a spring.  I guess.  But would it really be that bad to have summer everyday?  Would I really miss this time of year, hmm... I don't think so.

Why you may ask?   Let me just be a negative Nelly and tell you the reason I don't like January.  It is cold, and typically rainy.  It is also very dark, and yes fires and candles are nice but I like blue sky and some natural daylight.  On work days it is dark when I go to work, and dark when I come home.  I have spent the last two months doing most of my running with a headlight on.  Soon I am going to be developing some sonar so that I can be even more efficient in this low light.

Other reasons, the post holiday let down which was accelerated by the fact that we have been sick non-stop since about the second week of this month.  K and I had the stomach flu which included one of the worst 8 hours of non-stop vomiting, and a embarrassing public 'getting sick' episode at Old Navy I have ever had.  We have followed this up with a never ending, runny nose and are finishing the month strong with a hacking cough.
I know it could be worse.  But you know what, I am just glad to see this dark sick month in my review mirror!  Maybe next year I will have a month long conference somewhere.

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