Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Plunge, 2013

Let me start by saying that I don't like to be cold.  My ideal vacation is on the beach and I love to be in the sun.  I also am not a funky, wacky person.  I don't wear crazy items even on holiday usually.  I tend to be more your standard type 'A', and now type 'A' mom from my head down to my socks.

For me to decide that I was going to dress silly and go plunge into a freezing cold lake on the first day of January was a bit different for me, and a very new experience.  I will say though once I put my mind to something, I will do it.

There I was running the double baby jogger as quick as I could to get down to the lake with my family (of course we were a little lake, parking was a nightmare, and K was being a challenge), where I then stripped down to my running closes, Wonder Woman socks (I love Wonder Woman), and K's borrowed cat fuzzy hat.  I stood with one of the oddest group of people I have been with in awhile, the man next to me had on pink skinny jeans and wig of blood braids.  Then at noon on the dot we all ran into a freezing cold lake, with a outdoor temperature of 30 something degrees.

What an experience!  First you feel the cold on your legs, and it feels a bit shocking.  Then it hits you, well you can imagine what comes next.  Now that takes your breath away.  I couldn't help but already be pondering what would be next because I vowed to go under the water.  My head and face, and that is when I think I stopped breathing for a minute.  Before I knew it I was running back to my family and wrapped up in our beach towel.

Its a great analogy for life though.  A mini example of taking a risk, or doing something a bit silly and unexpected.  You worry about it, you think that you shouldn't do it, you start to plan a way out of it.  Then get a little courage and do it!  And it was fun, silly and gave you new sensation and appreciations.

I want to have some positive changes in 2013, this I decided was just the way to start things off!


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  2. Will do, I am changing it up so I will work on that! Thanks for reading Lisa.