Friday, October 12, 2012

Where have I been?

There is no picture to go with this post.  If there was one it might be an image of my feet under a pile of laundry or my face would be obscured with pet hair as I lay on our filthy floor.  Have you ever had a friend that just kind of dropped off the radar and you wondered, what happened with them?

I have now become that friend.  I have dropped off the radar.  Nothing bad or sinister or complicated has occurred.  A whole lot of daily living has occurred.  I most say even now at almost 8 months out, I have not figured this two kid thing out.

Somebody once told me this saying, having one child is life changing and now you have one.  Having another child is not like having one more though it is like having 20.  I guess I would not agree completely, but as far as my time management goes two children is still leaving me somewhere between chronically late and completely behind.  Sometimes, not even arriving at all.

We started preschool.  Still don't sleep through the night (insert evil laugh here, we aren't even remotely close to this...).  Purchased a larger vehicle (used).  Trying to sell old vehicle.  There is lunch box day, bike day, field trips.  There have been Halloween decorations to put up.  Birthday present to purchase.  Items to return to the store.  Working while a staff continues to be quitting.  And laundry, groceries, dinners to cook... and so on.  Trying to enjoy the small things, while not getting swallowed up by the daily things.

I need to write more often, it centers me.  There is a lot of things I need to do more of but simply don't have the time lately.

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  1. Know the feeling. Having the 2nd was supposed to be easier but seems like the first was easier and the 2nd sure doesn't help me feel good about my parenting! Hope you feel a bit less stressed soon.