Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Apparently they are a normal part of childhood development.  And I am sure I could even find some blogs from mothers of seven children, that are home schooled, eating organic food, and sewing their own clothes that tell me exactly how I can prevent and treat a tantrums quickly and efficiently.

This tantrum was brought on by trying to take a walk, and I was taking a few pictures (not of her) while on the walk.  She did not want pictures taken.  I told her to keep walking.  She decided she would not walk.  I kept walking.  Tantrum ensued.  Of course there is usually an underlying cause or fuel for the tantrum, which in this case turned out that she was hungry.  I later realized this when she had calmed down and I fed her some lunch which she devoured.

Lately if I say black, she says white.  Lucky me it is not with everyone but mostly just her mother, sometimes her father.  If I ask her to be quiet, she says won't and gets louder.  And on we go.  Of course I have been consistent and calm, which I do about 80% of the time and then sometimes I laugh and sadly sometimes I lose my cool.

We have a reward chart.  This works pretty good, though last week she told me she wanted frowny faces for it instead of stars.  Again, lets just see how oppositional one toddler can be.  I should have known given my strong will and her fathers stubbornness that we would combine to have one super independent thinker.

It is very daily this behavior and manners work.  Never stops really.  I pray that the tantrums will end, at least if I ask her to be quiet in public she may just respond.  I realize though, that eye rolling and arm crossing while glaring at me will be here before I know it.

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