Friday, August 17, 2012

Girls Rule.

I have had a really busy week so even though I have better blogs to write and update, like how fun vacation was or the joys of battling chronic constipation in you child I really just want to write this quick one and get it off my chest.

You know what 'Girls ROCK!'.  I just can't even tell you how many times I will tell people I have two girls and they say they are sorry.  Boy, that is going to be really hard in the future.  And the last ten pregnancies I have been indirectly associated (either friends or friends of a friend), everyone has made sure to let me know that they really didn't want a girl.  No a boy is what they really wanted.  Even some, whom have had a girl still tell me they were disappointed.  While I was pregnant I even had people tell me that too bad I wasn't having a boy, because boys are so much fun.  And now that I am done, I constantly get asked if we are going to try for the boy and have one more.

I am not sure where all this comes from, and furthermore why you would tell somebody who has two girls.  Last I checked women and girls were doing and being amazing things in this world.  As well, though we are not treated equal (as this post even proves) my daughters and myself have had more opportunities then any other group of women in the world.    Come on people didn't you watch the Olympics?  Women are absolutely doing it all with style, grace and strength.  Women last year also earned more higher degrees then men.

As for the future and the drama my girls will bring, I am also pretty sure that I am not there yet so I shouldn't worry about it.  Not every teenager is a living nightmare, and plenty of them are boys too.  The teen and preteen years are going to a rocky road for most parents.  I have a feeling my daughters will do it with a little drama, but a whole lot of love and family too.

So for all those out there that want to wish for boys, I wish you luck but I know that I am pretty lucky to have two gorgeous little girls to raise!

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  1. Wow, really? I always wanted one of each, but knew statistically I would have all boys. So when I ended up with one of each I was THRILLED. I love my baby girl and boy but in all honesty I just wanted healthy.