Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Bucket List

PLAY OUTSIDE as much as possible.  Eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies!!  GO 2 ZOO. Take a nap in the hammock.  Have a family PINIC.  Eat homemade popsicles.  Make a bubble dispensing jar and have a BUBBLE PARTY.
Celebrate 3!!!  Camp in the back yard.  Go to farmers market.  SIDEWALK Chalk.  Go to sounders game.  Pick STRAWBERRIES and make jam.  GIGGLE, GIGGLE!
Go to a garage sale.  Plant seeds. 
SNUGGLE and CUDDLE Stay in a new place as a family. Bike ride
Look at clouds. Build a sandcastle. Swim in a lake. Taylor tries FOOD.
Sprinkler park fun. Go to the fair. HAMMOCK.  Montana golf.  Friends over for dessert.
Try something new.  Clothes shopping. Enjoy ourselves
Garden&garden more.  Go to the beach.  Fly a kiteMake smores.  Paint a picture outside.  Learn to roll over and sit up. Run in a race.  SMILE.  Have a camp fire.  BBQ and Smoke meat.  Learn a new game.  Play in sandbox.  Go 2 SakumasCelebrate some weddings.  Get ready for fall.

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