Thursday, March 29, 2012

5 weeks. Will Spring ever come?

We have had one official sunny day in the month of March. Even for the Pacific Northwest this is a bit sad. It has been gray, rainy and cold for so long. I honestly feel like it has been the longest winter ever, but then again I might say that next winter as well. I did take a quick picture outside when we got home from toddler school and there was a brief clearing in the clouds.
Kate has been busy playing 'Fancy Nancy' lately. My part of this game is to wear a head band with bunny ears on it. At anytime (and I really mean anytime) you might stop by our house and find me in my pj's, breast feeding with bunny ears on. It probably looks like something from a bad movie. Meanwhile Kate will have on either a Easter hat (from the dollar bins at Target) or a bike helmet and various other accessories. I also will have various fake carrots next to me on the couch (typically a box, block or other object). Luckily for her sister, she has not started dress her up yet. Though she pretends to take her temperature fairly regularly, and she is very accurate and does this with a rectal thermometer.
And the littlest addition is having a few more moments of being bright and alert. Unfortunately these are followed by more moments of fussing and screaming. Per the books, babies peak in their fussiness around 6 weeks. Fingers crossed that is true and we will head back down to sweet baby time. She is doing well over all and that is the most important thing.

I have one more week of maternity leave left. Its all gone so fast, and of course over-whelming to think of adding on more responsibilities to my plate. I keep thinking, I've done it before and I can do it again. Hopefully that is right, and we'll have spring here eventually too.

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