Tuesday, January 17, 2012

35 weeks and moving on...

I sit here at 35 weeks. I have been cleared to deliver at the local hospital which is just a few blocks from our house. I still have two more injections to go, and about 2 1/2 weeks until the cerclage is removed. And of course, we could be looking at anywhere between 2 to 5 weeks before this baby comes but all I can say is we are moving on.

Well, okay I'll be honest. I am still waiting a bit for the other shoe to drop. I can't seem to remove the preemie clothes from the new babies dresser (what if she is really small?). I will not feel full term until I hit that 37 week mark, and I know other mothers don't want to hear it but you really want to get to 39 weeks (http://newsmomsneed.marchofdimes.com/?tag=full-term-pregnancy).

Oh yeah, there is also the lamp thing. I decorated a lamp for Kate's room, I just painted the base and then added some ribbon to the shade. It was the last thing I did for her room before I left, delivered her across the state and came back 3 1/2 months later. I bought a boring lamp awhile back for the new baby's room. I can not bring myself to decorate that lamp, I am just going to wait until 37 weeks. Watch, I'll be contracting and trying to decorate a lamp shade.

Such a surreal feeling, like sitting on the edge of something. Not wanting to jump, not wanting to not jump and scared all the same. Thankful for everyday, trying not to rush things but feeling like your late for something too.

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  1. Great job Beth! You did it without losing your sanity (well, completely anyway), you baked this little one to 35 weeks so far (with a couple more at least to go) despite how hard it has been for you.

    Thank you for sharing this journey....living vicariously through you. Give your beautiful, pregnant belly a little rub for me.