Friday, March 11, 2011

Reflections on March

Its been a strange week. I am so anxious for spring to come that I am ready to start painting the house in pastels at any moment. Unfortunately our winter gray rain just keeps going and going. I also have just had a lot on my mind, with the announcement of a prematurity prevention drug (progesterone p17) increasing in cost from $10 to $1500 and several friends going through difficult times.

I tend to look forward a lot. I am runner, and thus it is habit to look to the next mile. The next race, the next challenge. Sometimes though it is just a good time to look back, and remember how good it all is.

Enjoy my reflections on March.

March 2009- You probably can't tell, but I am pregnant in this picture. I was probably about 15-16 weeks along. I am in maternity running pants and a maternity work out shirt. I had just gotten home from a run and we were taking a photo of my little belly. I honestly didn't really remember the picture until I went looking to see if we had any during that time.

When your pregnancy only last until the 23 week (I was admitted to the hospital at 23 weeks and I didn't allow any pictures during the time I was upside down, on magnesium, not allowed to shower for 8 days, with a urinary catheter in... I wonder why?). There isn't a lot of pictures of you pregnant. I really never showed much either, and I had hardly any maternity clothes.

All the same, I love this picture. I had told people I was pregnant, and I was happy. You can see it on my face and now I am just happy that we did get a few pregnant pictures in.

March of 2010, my little bald baby is trying cereal. You can see the joy on her face, not really. Oh the battles of trying to get her to eat some baby food or cereal. Never did I win that battle. She never did eat a jar of baby food. I weighed her today at work, and she is just shy of 23 lbs! Thus even if we have spent a lot of time struggling with this girl to eat she is growing and eating somehow, of course it is what and when she wants still.

Look at those beautiful eyes. I stare at them everyday, and boy they make me happy.
March 2010, Kate was grabbing things and rolling around. Not to the sitting up stage yet, and we were still in total lock down in the house. It was great though because she was doing somethings and was starting to laugh more and more. She still has a butterfly fascination and I just realized the other night that it probably was because she sat and stared at them on her fun mat for hours.
You would die if you saw the living room right now, there is literally a toy on every surface, and absolute bomb of girl stuff. Crazy that just a year ago I could contain her on a neat little playmat. Ed actually found her standing on top of the coffee table today.

This was today. We don't let her watch hardly any t.v. but, Sesame Street is a lifesaver every once in awhile when you've got to cook. Here she is talking to the characters, and just thrilled when we turn it on. When she is tired of watching it she'll turn it off and close the cabinet doors, which is crazy since we never let her watch anything, but in general she'd rather just read her books.
Lastly this is her having a snack after to work the other day. I took it as she was dipping her crackers into some humus. I turned to look at her and was just in shock that there she sat (in her booster chair) eating a crackers like a big girl.

Immediately after this picture she decided to try and put both her feet on the table. Which lead to a small tantrum. But there was that brief moment that I thought, highchair your days are number.

There you have it a reflection on March. Who knows where we will be in a year, but I sure know it been a good ride to here.

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