Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mommy Milestones.

I have had milestones on the brain lately. I could go into the details of all the different issues Kate and I have with milestones. Which ones she struggles with, which ones we are working on, or I could just whine about all the development hoopla a micro preemie has. But, maybe out of boredom with my own preemie issues, my mind drifts to another line of thinking.

Think if we as mothers were analyzed with the same level of criticism and time table. Now I know the differences here, and I do appreciate the importance of early intervention. So on a silly tangent, what would a mommy growth curve look like? Really what type of therapy would be recommended for me? Would I get PT, OT, maybe even a little time with mental health specialist?

I can tell you that I would be delayed in a few areas. Such as personal hygiene. Now I don't smell and I know how to take care of the basics, so I would pass on a basic level on the mommy skill test. I just recently bought my first hair dryer, so on the whole Kate should not look to me for advice on the beauty front. I am beyond delayed in being high maintenance. I can teach her how to curve the brim of a baseball cap, and fix a mean pony tail but beyond that she is going to have rely on her peers.

I also never developed a good dinner cooking skill. Sure I have enough for survival. But to be honest if I lived alone I would be eating cereal, rice and salads most nights. I hate the grocery store and in general fall short of coming up with the whole meal. I do make a good dessert, and I am a great eater. Again though, put me down for delayed in another category.

And then finally there is the growth curve and percentiles chart. Well, lets see I stopped growing in height when I was 16. And that wasn't exactly a great height to stop at, since I barely hit five foot three. So I'd be in the lower percentiles for that. As far as weight, well that seems to be just going up over the years so if being in the upper percentiles is good then I'd be doing great. Unfortunately for mom's they start doing that whole BMI thing, and frankly I am not going to talk about.

Lastly I leave you with this thought, what would Kate be talking about with her other preemie friends? Would she be talking about how delayed her mother is? Would she be discussing how concerned she is with how I don't seem to be getting it like other mothers? I bet not, I bet she would be having fun enjoying the moment. And maybe there is a lesson in that for me.