Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fair Fun.

We are off to the FAIR!!! I am not sure what the fair is, but mom and dad seem pretty excited to go. I am glad I just took a good nap, and did my hair up because this is going to be an adventure. Watch out fair, here I come.

Okay, they aren't messing around. They put me in the backpack for this adventure. Thus far not bad, lots to look at and the sun is out. I hear a bunch of different noises, and can't really figure out what I am smelling.

I thought Mom was excited to go to the fair, then I watched her stuff these things down her throat. Boy, she really can pack it in when she wants to. Maybe someday I will eat as good as she does. I have no clue what these little things she was eating are. She was nice enough to offer me up one, not knowing what it was I of course threw it on the ground. I guess she was trying to be nice, but I don't always trust that lady and what she is feeding me.

Finally, I am starting to enjoy myself here. Amazing, they have a grassy field here at the fair. And the grass is the same fun texture as we have in the backyard. Dad is super fun too.

I am not sure about all these animals at this place. Mom seems to really like them, and she is slowing us down by looking at them all. Last time I noticed she was off staring at some giant horse. I do like these little guys, they seem to be just my size and speed.

Thank goodness Dad is here to carry me through all these barns. So many things to stare at, much easier when I am in my dad's arms. MOO- over people we've got some cows to see!

Oh, finally back to my stuffed horse. That was fun and all but I am glad to be back to wrestle with my friend. I swing you, I smack you and I....

I pass out! That was exhausting.

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  1. I'm coming to visit. Its offical. Not only do you have a cute kid, but you guys have amazing things to do.