Thursday, March 11, 2010

A new day!

The great thing about life is there is always another day! After several nice crying episodes, and lots of thin mint Girl Scout cookies another day has come to pass and I feel better. My disappointment over the continued lock-down has not completely gone away, but at least now I feel a bit more content with it.

The biggest positive out of it is Kate is so young she doesn't even know we are doing this. She has no clue, and is just having fun every day. The above picture is a prime example. This is her 'french look' while playing in the jumperoo. I was bored and kept putting different hats on her the other day. With each new hat she would screams in crazy delight as if I've done something really creative.

So, sometimes the best thing any of us can do is: cry, eat a cookie, put on a cute hat, giggle and move on. As taught by Kate to her silly momma.

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  1. HECK YEAH! And she's really cute. Seriously, my son is single =)