Monday, March 22, 2010

6 months, teeth, and lots of running!

Busy, busy, busy around here! First and foremost, Katie has sprouted her two first teeth. After weeks of drooling, fist shoving, and several tears, we were so happy to see her little pearly whites. And to our surprise it wasn't just one but instead it was two. If you look closely in the picture you can see the little caps there on the bottom jaw. I am also proud because it looks like she is getting ready to do her first surgery on the two stuffed animals that are hanging out with her. Its never too early start building those surgical skills.

She also hit the big 6 months adjusted mark, and so we started trying solid foods. Thus far, not too exciting. And they have not really taken off. We will keep offering them, and hopefully one of these days food other than breast milk will be exciting.

As for me, I've slowly but surely trying to get myself ready for the Whidbey Island Half Marathon on April 11th. I am not sure what I was thinking when I thought I could pull this off. I just didn't have any clue of how motherhood would change my running. I just didn't really appreciate the massive time commitment that would come along with this little bundle of joy. Your free time is just sucked up between, so many commitments. And on top of that is an absolute lack of sleep. In short, it equals a very poor runner. My running does continues to be a fun part of my life and serves as a reminder of the me prior to Kate, marriage, or even vet school. Its really peaceful to have something that you've done in almost every phase of your life. So even though I won't be making a PR, I know it will something fun to look back on during this crazy, sleep deprived time!


  1. I just love her crib! So sweet and vintage looking. Hope the teething goes smoothly!!

  2. Thanks, the crib was one of the only items I was really particular about. I had in mind the crib I wanted. Of course when you have your baby 4 months early it was not even purchased. But, Grandma made it happen.