Saturday, May 15, 2010

Swim class!

This weekend we went to Kate's first swim class. I wanted to be sure and post that we are loving be out of home quarantine. The real world is great! Just being able to go to a baby swim class is fabulous, and nobody there even knows anything about all that has taken to get us there. She loved the class, giggling and splashing. I thought she was very advanced already, but of course I am her mother.

We also went out to dinner tonight (not the first time), but it just seems so casual and easy. Granted we ate as fast as possible since it was close to bedtime and Kate's mood was only going to last about an hour. On other days I have also went to the pharmacy and a quick run into a grocery store. I just can't explain how great it is to feel normal. She also finally got to meet her young cousins too.

We are still cautious with her, but for the late spring and summer of this year our restrictions are gone and we are absolutely thrilled with it. Ironically one picture above is from our house, but it cracked me up because it just looks like she is having some type of wild party with herself. I can imagine all types of captures to go with it.


  1. Yeah for swim! Her suit is soooo cute. I bet she is advanced - all our kids are!

    I'm glad your enjoying being out and about! It is much nicer!

  2. So cute! I have yet to take Jayda swimming. Doesn't it feel great to be normal? I love just taking her everywhere now! It looks like she is having a blast!