Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some days are about the little things.

Today was a busy Tuesday. I removed a very gross sock from a young dogs intestines. I thought to myself, how do you eat a whole sock? Can you imagine what that would feel like to do? But, then I would have to think about all the other things dogs eat and that is really gross. I know dogs and or have removed the following objects from dogs intestinal tracts: underwear, a full bath towel, a carving knife, 1/2 of a fishing pole, rocks, rocks and more rocks, tampons, corn cobs, carpet. And then there was the cat that ate a bunch of landscaping bark. Well, let your mind wander on all that.

I had to go for a good run at lunch, as the pressure of a busy day was starting to get to me. It was one of the spring moments when the clouds cleared and the sun came out. The forest smelled like fresh rain. It was a great run, not too long but I could go really hard for a bit listening to some loud music. And I wondered how do other people handle themselves without running? How do they get out these angry, frustrated emotions? I think that if I couldn't run I would just explode, probably do something violent or start screaming a lot. Again let your mind wander on that.

Lastly, I heat the water for Kate's bottles in the microwave for 2 minutes. I am here to say that you can get a lot done in 2 minutes. I can unload the dishwasher, fill four more bottles, preprogram the coffee maker, check your email, and on and on. I challenge you someday to just time yourself for two minutes and you'd be amazed at how much you really can get done in that time. Don't let your mind wander on this, that would be a waste of a good 2 minutes of productive time.

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