Friday, April 16, 2010

The race is over but the fun keeps going!

I did it! Finished my first race post baby, and really my first race in well over a year. And I loved it. It was so fun and it went great. So much better than I thought it might go, a huge surprise and relief given how little I was able to train.

That is one of the great things of motherhood, you have so little time that just being able to go to something is a true success. Pre-Kate I would have worried about the race, and really trained and then when I didn't run exactly like I thought I should have I would have been disappointed in myself. Well, now I just don't have time or energy for that. Plus since you spend most of your time thinking about somebody else it makes what you do for yourself so much sweeter.

The highlights of the race were that it was a new course (I've run this 1/2 marathon two other times, and for those who don't run a 1/2 marathon is 13.2 miles). I thought it was less scenic but, a bit easier on the legs which was nice around mile 9 on. I ran it with a friend from vet school and that made it so fun. My friend is a new mom too, so of course we had tons of kiddo talk to go around and it made the miles go so fast. We both ran pretty good times, Diana ran a sub 2 hour (way to go) and I was at 2:01. Not bad for some working new moms! You'll see us in the pictures above basking with babies post race. Kate couldn't go to the actual run, she still has a few weeks under house arrest. But she loved playing with my finisher medal (the other picture). I even dare to think that I will now be signing up for the Seattle Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon in June.

A rainbow after a long storm really can be a beautiful thing!

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