Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Solving the blog mystery and awaiting spring.

Like many things in life, the less you know about it the easier you believe it is to do. It is only because of your lack of knowledge that it appears easy. For me there are a lot of things in life like this, running a marathon, cooking, parenthood and even starting a blog.

Blogging for those of use who have never blogged would assume that it is quiet easy. Look how many people have blogs. You can find a blog about everything and nothing all at the same time. So really how hard could it be?

Enter into the picture that I am somewhat technologically challenged. Ed has to make me post-its on how to use our DVR. I often have to call him so that I can upload pictures, or even turn up the heat in our house (its programed, and I swear it is complicated). A major aspect of this problem is that I don't like to read instructions. Strange for a person that loved school, and went to 8 years of college.

Now before you worry about all the animals that I do surgery on, know that I do read and follow instructions when needed. And also I'd like to point out that is more important for a surgeon to be able to think on their feet. When it really matters you don't want the person with a scalpel to need to read the next chapter before the stop the bleeding. I just would rather do than read on how to do. You name it, I like to learn by trail and error for the most part.

Again though back to blogging. I am trying to create something that I have no prior training in. Furthermore I want it to look good, and reflect our family. So here is the beginning. The messy beginning where I don't know what I am doing. I will struggle to find the font that is easy for all the read, a back ground that doesn't give you a head ache and I also need to brush up on my writing skills. I will also embrace a new techniques on things I know nothing about (Javascript, gadgets and more). Furthermore I will embrace reading some instructions and asking help of those out there that spend even more time with computer than I do.

One might ask even more importantly why blog? Who cares and why figure it out? I started blogging when Kate was in the hospital. I found it was a great way to inform a large group of people what we were experiencing. I've grown tired of the parameters for the caring bridge blog. I want something that reflects our family more, and less of a reminder of the hospital. I also have kept journals for years, writing at night or other times and so I thought this would be a great way to journal about life and our family in a new way.

Ready or not blogging world here I come!


  1. Blogging is a great outlet. Even if no one reads it at all, it's nice to put thoughts and feelings to "paper".