Thursday, February 25, 2010

Five month photo shoot!

Every month we take pictures of Kate with her adjusted age on her onsie. My plan is to have all 12 months at the end of the year and make a collage picture. This month was the five month photo shoot. In general these photo shoots are pretty entertaining. In the beginning we would have about five minutes to get it done before she would have a melt down. Now we can have outfit changes, props and just play. Plus she can now sit up or lay on her belly with her head up, and of course the smiles have gotten better and better. She particularly likes it when I make animal noises so I am always standing behind Ed (aka camera man), mooing or meowing.

One problem now is she is somewhat sensitive about the flash. She likes to act completely startled every time we use the flash and the picture ends up with this startled look on her face. I guess that is the price you pay for a more alert and aware baby. As well she is starting to move and grab constantly so you have to try and wrestle the stuffed animal away from her mouth just prior to the photo.

I think that we may have close to a million pictures of her by now. Or even a million and five. Your first baby is almost just like your first love. You simply can't get enough of them. You think about them all the time, find everything they do amazingly adorable and just have to be with them most of the time. I would have never guessed that I would be this over the top with my daughter but, it sure feels good.

As an equally funny note tonight, I like that I have two followers to my blog. Eddie and Eddie.