Monday, November 4, 2013

Witches Tea Party

I think a secret to life is to adjust your dreams.  Not exactly a Hallmark card statement.   All the same you can sometimes adjust your dreams and be as happy if not happier than you ever imagined.  For example, I always wanted to have a child with a birthday near Halloween.  I thought having a Halloween Birthday themed party (every year) would be great, since I love Halloween and it could be a win win for everyone.

Of course my children were born in June and February, no where near Halloween.  I really tried with Kate, as she was due in late September.  But between a crazy ability to get pregnant quickly and have my babies even quicker there was no chance for my Halloween Birthday dream to happen.

It is a slightly silly dream in the world of aspirations.  All the same I wanted it to happen.
 Time to adjust the dream.  No Birthday Needed.  And we arrive at the 'Witches Tea Party'.  I invited a group of both big and little witches for fun games, finger foods and a tea party though at this age group it was more like a juice party.  Mimosa with witches fingers were available for the big witches.
 Kate and I had a lot of fun getting ready for the party.  Since it wasn't for one of the girls Birthdays it felt a little bit more relaxed for me, and I didn't have the whole 'fair' or will we do this for the other daughter stress hanging over my head.  I have lots of decorations from pre-kids life when my husband and I used to host an adult Halloween party.
 No party is complete, especially when little girls are coming without cupcakes.  In our house it is chocolate that is greatly appreciated, so no need to go Martha Stewart, we just whipped up some from a box with pre-made frosting.  Good friends don't notice or care when you cut corners to have fun.
It would have been easy to sit around and feel sorry for myself, that I would never have my Halloween Birthday bashes.  It really was even easier though  to adjust my dream, and come up with a fun way to have it all. Throwing a fun kid and adult party without a Birthday involved was really a great way to spend time with the girls and also enjoy a holiday I love.

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