Sunday, July 1, 2012

3 year old Sweetness.

 Being 3 most be tough, because they sure do have a lot of emotional and ups and downs.  They are learning and changing so fast, that it must leave their little minds and bodies a bit crazed.  Furthermore, who likes to be told what to do every two minutes but unfortunately as a parent I am left telling her what to do on a pretty regular basis.

I love this crazy 3 year old though.  I love that while we were taking these pretty picture of her playing dress up, she had an entire chocolate chip cookie in her cheek.  So that even in gorgeous afternoon light, all in pink she looks like a funny loop sided chipmunk.  My funny loop sided chipmunk.
 I love that she ran to me today when I got home from the gym, and didn't complain that I had gone but instead said, "Lets hug and kiss."  That after bath, and every night before bed she insists that mom cuddles with her.  And as I lay there exhausted she talks about all the things of the day and all the things of tomorrow but also insists that I make bear sounds before I leave.

I love that when company left today, she said, "Good Bye, thanks for having a garage sale."  We hadn't had a garage sale or even talked about a garage sale.  I love that she will also randomly say things like, "Anything for the job.", "I love you and sealions too.", and "I am JOGGING, like momma."
I love that on a busy stressful weekend, she told her dad to get me a new kitchen at Lowes today. With his understandable refusal to get me a new kitchen, she instead picked me out a pretty purple flower pot. And at the end of the night she told me how much she loved me.

The days are long and grinding with a toddler but, boy the laughs and love just can't be beat.  I know that there will be days when she is a teenager, that I just wish she would say some of these wonderful things so for now I just savor them.

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