Friday, December 24, 2010

Sugar Cookies.

Now I will do the cardinal sin of blogging, I will make three or four post in a day or so because I have been too busy to blog regularly. I will shamelessly blame it on all the holiday hoopla. As I finally have time now that I am currently peacefully basking in its after glow. Thus if you don't like the flow of the the next several post, you too can blame it on the holidays.

Last Sunday we had a get together at Grandma's house and decorated the most delicious sugar cookies. My mother has an amazing recipe for cookies, and to be honest she has an amazing recipe for just about everything. She makes the simplest things taste great in what appears to me an effortless way. I remind myself that she has had more practice at this than me, but I may have to admit defeat when I am Grandma that my cookies aren't half as good as my mothers.

Above you will see the beautiful cookie decorators in action. They are oldest to youngest from top to bottom. We could also say that they were from best behaved to worst behaved from top to bottom as well. Kate promptly flipped her plate over and then dramatically slammed her bare feet onto the table top with glee. Once being freed from the prison of her highchair she marched around the kitchen cramming sugar cookie into her mouth. Later I found her out by the Christmas tree kicking a stuffed Santa in the head.

To each their own in the fun of Christmas preparation! Another small lesson provide by the munchkin with sugar cookie crumbs all over her face.

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